Friday, May 11, 2018

Suzy Levinson

IMPERFECT poet Suzy Levinson shares a mini about a messer-upper who is lucky someone comes along to save her from this mistake:

Grandma's looking weird today.
I can't believe my eyes.
Her ears are big, her fur is brown,
her teeth have grown in size.
Should I take a closer look?
Yes, I'm sure that's wise.

photo by Patrick Tubridy

SUZY LEVINSON writes poetry and picture books. Her poems have been published in several anthologies, including The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations (Pomelo Books). Others have appeared (or are forthcoming) in the SCBWI Bulletin, Ladybug, and Highlights' High Five and Hello magazines. She lives in New York. You can find her online at, on Twitter @suzylevinson, and in IMPERFECT with the poem LOTS OF THINGS.


  1. Yes, definitely wise. A great mini mistake-maker poem, Suzy!

  2. Good advice for many kinds of encounters, Suzy, "take a closer look"!

  3. Made me smile!! Great poem. :)

  4. oops! I love this poem, especially with my current poetry focus on the same tale!

  5. Fun poem Suzy–but that photo sure is foreboding … Be careful Red …

  6. A great one! Definitely a closer look is the way to go. We all have to go, right? LOL

  7. Sure that's wise....famous last words for sure. Great poem and laugh and illustration pairing.