Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ken Slesarik

A mini mistake-maker poem by IMPERFECT poet Ken Slesarik today.


"Bad Boy" Bob, he's got some news,
back in the day he got tattoos.
He's eighty now and never rude,
but he'll tell you not to get tattooed.

KEN SLESARIK is a special education teacher and children's poet from Phoenix, Arizona. His "Heroes and Poets" assembly program, poetry “Lunch Bunch,” and after school poetry club have been well received by teachers, students, parents and administrators. Ken has spoken at conferences, written poetry curriculum and enjoys providing professional development for teachers. When not teaching, speaking or visiting schools, Ken writes poetry for children with poems published in several world-wide anthologies and magazines. Ken's mission is to empower students through the medium of poetry and he is a poetry advocate to children and teachers alike.

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