Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

Some IMPERFECT poets have been concocting wee riddles about mistake makers, just for Team Imperfect fun. IMPERFECT poet Michelle Heidenrich Barnes shares a limerick that covers one way to earn somebody's forgiveness. (A pie goes a long way with me. What about you?)

This housekeeper might misconstrue
all that you've asked her to do.
She'll mess up your kitchen
and dress up your chicken,
but pie-baking skills see her through.

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MICHELLE HEIDENRICH BARNES is an award-winning children's poet and anthologist. Her work appears in magazines and anthologies, including One Minute till Bedtime (Little, Brown), Here We Go and The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations (Pomelo Books), and forthcoming collections from National Geographic and Charlesbridge. Her blog Today’s Little Ditty is a poetry playground featuring writing tips, interviews with authors and editors, and monthly poetry challenges for anyone with a passion for wordplay. Visit her at MichelleHBarnes.com.


  1. Fun Michelle, Amelia Bedelia's a all-time favorite of mine!

  2. I have never 'met' Amelia Bedelia - and with a name like that, I *know* I am missing out on something!