Saturday, April 7, 2018

Keri Collins Lewis

Here's a mini mistake-maker poem by IMPERFECT poet Keri Collins Lewis. Keri writes about a legendary mistake made by an emperor who was a bit too insecure and too easy to flatter:

A kingly walk,
the villagers gawk —
What fine clothes!?

KERI COLLINS LEWIS lives in Mississippi and is in her seventh year of working in media relations for the Extension Service after serving as an elementary school teacher, museum archivist, and curriculum developer. She practices writing haiku and values the Poetry Friday Community's expertise. In addition to writing, she enjoys travel, beekeeping, quilting, reading, gardening, and tending chickens and grandchildren.

Only the finest blog visitors
can see Keri's quilts


  1. You’ve said all
    A short story made tall—
    Ego emperor!

    Marvelous Keri, thanks!

  2. Cleverly done. (And quietly chuffed that I can see that fine quilt. ;) )