Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Donna JT Smith

Can you name IMPERFECT poet Donna JT Smith's mistake-maker?
I ran away from home,
I should have stayed right there;
I took my little dog
With wiry scruffy hair.
Too late we ran back home
Where a twister twisted us!
Somehow we came down safely,
No hair on me was mussed!
We landed somewhere on the East -
Who'd think I'd get new shoes?
That witch should not have been right there -
She made a mistake, too.

where troubles melt like lemon drops
photo by Doug Wilkowske

DONNA JT SMITH, a retired teacher, lives on the coast of Maine. She now spends her time writing and riding her motorcycle - a bright red Honda Aero. Donna doesn’t really mind making mistakes (though she would secretly prefer to get everything right on the first try), because mistakes often lead to some good learning and often require creative solutions! Donna has published poetry in The Best of Today’s Little Ditty anthologies volumes 1 and 2 edited by Michelle H. Barnes and in The Nancy Drew Anthology from Silver Birch Press.


  1. I always wondered about Dorothy's unmussed hair. Very clever, Donna!

  2. A poem with mystery and new shoes. Just perfectly imperfect!