Friday, July 13, 2018

Ruth Bowen Hersey

IMPERFECT poet Ruth Bowen Hersey weighs the pros and cons of being late...

This is just to say
that I'm sorry I was late
to my meeting this morning
except not that sorry.
I stopped to take some pictures
of the tomatoes in my yard.
They were so beautiful.
So small and green
and so flecked with
And the meeting
seemed so far away.

Paul Hayday, Tomatoes

RUTH BOWEN HERSEY lives in Haiti where she teaches English, including poetry, to seventh and eighth graders at an international Christian school.


  1. Me,too!!! Love it. Not even a hint of false apology.

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  3. The cherry tomatoes in our garden when I was growing up often made me late for work at the pool. Nothing better than tomatoes off the vine for breakfast!

  4. How fun to stop and notice this. It's so important to slow down our days and moments.

  5. Water drops on vegetation. So much to love!

  6. Oh I love false apology poems and this one is so clever.
    But I do need to add a genuine apology that I have not been involved in celebrating this wonderful anthology, of which I am part. I will rectify that asap!

  7. I love this "apology" poem! "And the meeting/ seemed so far away" --great ending line!

  8. Love an apology poem riff, especially this one on MEETINGS! Thanks for joining the Poetry Friday fray. I just noticed that IMPERFECT was not on my "sneak peek" list of 2018 poetry books (which I update all year long) and I have rectified that!

  9. I love it! And yes, tomatoes top meetings every day of the week!

  10. So glad you "stopped to take some pictures
    of the tomatoes in" your "yard." Love your poem Ruth and the pic! Tomato pics win over any day for me over a meeting.