Friday, July 20, 2018

Michelle Kogan

“We shall never go hungry, now that we know how to make soup from stones.”
~Marcia Brown

IMPERFECT poet Michelle Kogan is thinking about how someone cleverly turns inhospitable behavior into a lesson about hospitality. Isn't it cool when you can help someone learn from their mistakes on the spot?
Hungry traveler
visits your town only
to be turned down—but
he schemes an entire meal
with his wit and appeal!

Stone Soup
photo by aehdeschaine

MICHELLE KOGAN is an artist, illustrator, instructor, and writer. She grew up on Chicago's South Side and studied first at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, receiving a BFA, and went on to receive an MFA in painting from Northern Illinois University. Michelle's poem "Temptation" is included in IMPERFECT. Her web site is located at


  1. Tabatha, I love your logo for your book. Michelle's poem for your book is one that middle schoolers could relate to and ponder about.

  2. Thanks for this well rounded feature Tabatha–the image and quote fit like a glove! I'm hoping to see more stone-soup-related activities with our forthcoming US fall elections …

  3. May we ALL be more hospitable from the get-go!

  4. Stone Soup: my favorite folk tale for K-2, along with The Little Red Hen. See a pattern? We present it as a play every December and wonder, is it a mean trick or a helpful trick?