Thursday, March 10, 2022

Do unto others?

Sometimes when we have to try to fix a mistake we've made (or maybe when we're trying not to make a mistake in the first place), we might use the motto "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" to guide us. It's a good motto, but only if we really understand it.

If I hate surprise parties and you love them, then if we thought of "Do unto others" as meaning "Throw the other person the kind of party you would want to have," we would be way off base.

BUT if we understand "Do unto others" as meaning "Care about what other people want as you would have them care about what you want," we are much more liable to make good choices and offer meaningful apologies.

Listening can be hard -- we think we know the best answer already or we think everybody feels the same way we do. The only way to know for sure how another person feels, though, is to hear them out. Being a good listener can be a real superpower if you can develop it.

In this video, some people are trying to be helpful, but only the one who cares about what Jason wants enough to listen to him hits the ball out of the park.

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