Sunday, March 25, 2018


Are you familiar with found poems? To make a found poem, you "find" a poem within some other text. Blackout poems, like what Austin Kleon does, are found poems. IMPERFECT poet Robyn Hood Black talks about found poems on her blog.

Here's one that IMPERFECT poet Kat Apel created from our cover reveal:


Precious scars
filling cracks
with liquid gold,
more beautiful;
broken history
displayed with pride;

imperfection golden.


  1. Beautiful, Kat! I'm honored to be in this collection, AND delighted it is inspired by kintsugi. I was intrigued when learning about that a while back, and then after injuring myself a time or two in recent years, I appreciate the idea even more! ;0) Thanks for sharing, Tabatha.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Tabatha - and glad you liked, Robyn. I too may know a thing about scars - though none of mine are filled with liquid gold. :) Also - got to love found poems. They really are so much fun!

  3. Wonderful poem Kat, I was so intrigued when I learned that the Japanese fill their broken pottery with liquid gold–thanks for this lovely found poem!

    1. It's a lovely idea, isn't it, Michelle.

  4. What a beautiful poem, Kat. "Precious scars"--I love the different, empowering perspective of kintsugi.

  5. Thank-you, Molly. I find it hard to throw out cracked pottery/ceramics - though I've never yet healed them with gold, either. (There could be a reason for that. :P)