Call for Submissions

Why make an anthology about mistakes? Because "mistakes flower/every hour"! We make them all the time. Some are the size of erasing a hole in your paper, mispronouncing a word, or tripping over your shoelace. Some are the size of telling a friend's secret. Some can be useful, like a science experiment that goes wrong but gives you a new idea. How can we make the most of the good mistakes and do our best to fix the ones that need fixing? Poetry can help us figure it out.

The details:

This anthology for middle school students (ages 10-14) will look at mistakes from as many angles as possible, including (but not limited to) mistakes that result in discoveries/inventions, grammar and etiquette mishaps, historical and fictional blunders, funny/silly/embarrassing missteps, ways to make things right, and forgiveness.

Please submit blind entries (include your name, address, phone number, email address, and poem title on a separate page). Both form and free verse poems are welcome. There are no length limits, but keep the intended audience in mind. Multiple submissions are fine.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as they are identified and they are withdrawn if accepted elsewhere. Reprints are fine as long as the author has the rights. Payment is one print copy and one electronic copy. Acceptance grants one time publishing rights. Upon publication, all rights revert to the author.

We appreciate the enthusiasm from our poetry colleagues in Iran -- poems in translation are welcome.

Our collection will include a poem by the Young People's Poet Laureate, Margarita Engle. Our cover will feature a painting by Monique Passicot.

The deadline is November 1, 2017. Send poems to editor Tabatha Yeatts at mistakesanthologyATgmailDOTcom.


  1. Before I make the mistake... is this call for submissions for anyone sending a poem directed to those between 10 and 14 or for submitters between 10 and 14?

  2. Thanks for checking! We are making an anthology directed to those between 10 and 14.

  3. If we send multiple poems, can we send them in one file with a single cover sheet for them all, or are you looking for one cover sheet per poem. Multiple in one email or separate emails?

    1. We have received them in all possible variations! We will work with any configuration, but it is convenient to have each poem in a separate file with a separate cover sheet (although sending just one email is good).


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